Our mission

As a Canadian manufacturer, Mat Tech’s mission is to continue to offer innovative solutions to its customers in terms of products and services. This innovative offer translates into commercial entrance mats and ergonomic mats that perform in terms of safety, aesthetics and comfort.


The majority of our rugs carry the “Total Confidence Guarantee” seal, which assures you that our products are safe to use. If you are not satisfied with your mats, we will refund your money!

Why choose
Mat Tech?

Simplicity :

Our carpets are mostly made of polypropylene, which is plastic. Why? It’s for easy maintenance and the carpet dries much faster, since it does not absorb water!

Performance and durability :

We manufacture commercial and industrial mats made from quality materials. Our mats are designed to perform and resist your environment.

Customization :

You are our inspiration! Proof: almost half of our mats are custom made according to the shape, size and finish required by our customers. Tell us your needs and let us adapt accordingly!

Dynamism :

We are passionate about our matting and we constantly to communicate that energy to everyone that deals with us. We are actively seeking new solutions to advance our industry and serve you better. Your satisfaction is our priority!