Yarns doubled by a twister according to the desired product

In 1987, Mr. Robert Moran, who already owned Crown Mats & Matting, acquired a small Granby company that he renamed Mat Tech.

At that time, Mat Tech sold mainly to floor covering distributors in Quebec and Ontario the vinyl-backed entrance mats and grass mats that they produced.


Thousands of coils being tufted

In the spring of 1994, in order to gain access to new customers and to rapidly double its sales, Mat Tech acquired the entrance matting division of a company in Mississauga, Ontario. This made Mat Tech the only manufacturer of entrance mats and grass mats in Canada, and it also allowed the company to acquire more efficient production equipment.

Also in 1994, Mat Tech relocated and consolidated all its operations to 137 Martin Street in order to reduce costs and improve service. This 105,000 sq. ft. building would allow the company to continue its growth.


Mat Tech will continue to make a difference... and be proud to be the Canadian manufacturer!.