We listen to the market and your needs. This is why we constantly invest in Research & Development in order to reinvent our products and remain the leader in entrance and ergonomic mats.

Following various researches, we now offer you the most innovative technological advances on the market:

A high level of purity and density and its ability to stand up to harsh environments, makes this vinyl backing the best in the industry. Thanks to its antimicrobial agent, nitrile rubber and its non-slip components, ThermoGrip vinyl is indestructible. How to recognize it? Your mats backing will be red.

While not at the level of our star vinyl, ThermoFlex+ competes for its superior rating due to its higher than the market standard for antimicrobial properties and characteristics.

Beating our competitor’s vinyl in terms of resistance, we produce this efficient vinyl on all our entry level products.

Zedlan is the best anti-fatigue foam on the market. For an incredible and safe anti-fatigue mat, Zedlan foam is for you!

In addition to offering a patented superior quality anti-fatigue foam, our Zedlan Plus neutralizes up to 99.9% of bacteria proliferation. Its natural composition also provides antistatic protection of 109 ohms.

Our innovation with our certifications

Pioneers in the industry, we now meet the most stringent requirements of the industry. Many of our products, control the proliferation of bacteria under the carpet, prevent the carpet from slipping or even improve the air quality!

Microseptic is an antimicrobial technology used on the surface and backing of our products. The antimicrobial agent present in our mats neutralizes 99.9% of bacterial proliferation.

NFSI certifies the resistance to slips on wet surfaces.

CRI Green Label Plus certifies products with a low-rate emission of volatile organic components. (VOC)